You've decided to get a piercing? Excellent! We love that you caught the piercing bug, but we don't want you to catch an infection. That being said, use this handy reference guide to make a well-informed decision about your piercing artist. 

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Piercings have been a part of ancient cultures for hundreds of years. The reasoning behind piercings is different for different cultures and individuals. Ancient Egyptians and soldiers used to pierce their nipples and navels as a sign of entering manhood. The piercing is a sign of becoming a man and being able to handle pain and to show strength.
The majority of people who get a piercing want to individualize themselves from the rest of society. They want to show that they are a little different and that they do not have to follow the norms of society.
Some people pierce to honor their ancestor’s culture. Along with trying to be individual, many people pierce to get a rise out of others. The rebellious nature of certain piercings show that you are not conforming to society’s norms. There are certain piercings that will not allow you to work in certain professions and by piercing these areas, they are making a statement that they don’t care what modern society demands of them.