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Loose pins piercing collection to complement our loose balls piercing and attachments. A supply of loose pins piercing is essential in case replacements are required. Barbell pins, ball closure rings, body spirals - they're all here, and in as many materials and finishes as the rest of our body piercing jewelry.


All Ball Closure Rings Barbell Piercing & Tongue Rings Belly Button Rings & Navel Piercing Earrings/studs Circular & Curved Barbells Fake Piercing Jewelry Industrial | Surface Bar Lip Rings & Labret Piercing Loose balls and attachments Loose Pins Nipple Rings Piercing & Bars Nose Rings & Studs Plugs, Tunnels & Ear Gauges Retainers Seamless Rings Septum Rings & Clickers Toe Rings Tragus & Helix (Cartilage) Twister Rings & Body Spiral